[Last Update 24/6/2018]

The company "Tern", located in Science and Technology park of Crete, is the developer of the service easysms.gr, which by using you acknoledge and accept the following terms of use. If you disagree in any way with any of the following terms please do not use the service. Tern can update the terms of use and let users know during the next visit. All users of easysms.gr owe to keep themselves updated with every change.

The terms of use can be found at the bottom of every page of the service. During sign-up the new users have to accept the terms of use. Tern considers all users to have read and accepted to comply with the terms of use. Users can revoke their consent at any moment.

The service is solely adult oriented. Under aged should not sign-up and use the service by any mean. Tern bears no resposibility if minors visit or use its services.

easysms.gr offers a secure environment for all users and all exchanged information is valid and reliable and Terns has no responsibility on data provided by users.

Tern has nothing to do and no responsibility for the content of other services that have hyperlinks to easysms.gr. Users should keep themselves updated and accept the terms of use.


The content of easysms.gr belongs to Tern and should not be used by any means by any user whithout the prior written aggrement with Tern.
Third party content that appears in easysms.gr belongs to respective parties and the have the responsibility of the content.

Users will use the service in a lawful way and agree that they agree that they not transmit any content that:

  • is ilegal or iligally acquired
  • violates human rights or the private life of anyone
  • is unethical or insulting
  • is misleading in any way
  • damages the reputation of Tern
  • is unwanted- spam
  • will affect maliciously software or hardware
  • is critical to deliver in specific time
  • does not respcect hours of common silence

In the event of a complaint or breach of any Term of Use Tern may stop providing its services and remove the account balance without a refund.

All users acctet that:

  • All data processing will be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of the European Union
  • They will respect the rights of the subjects as defined in the GDPR and will have the consent of each subject for any processing they carry out
  • They will comply with any other local, national, European or international legislation
  • Compensate Tern for any damage they cause in the event of non-compliance with the terms of use


The easysms.gr service provides each user, for personal use only, a Password when registering a new user where the email and mobile number of the user are requested. The Password is sent to the mobile phone of the user. Both the email and the mobile number must be correct and valid in order to allow access to easysms.gr services. Users must change the Password that is sent to their mobile. All passwords are stored one way encrypted so that it is impossible to decrypt them. Users should not reveal their Passwords to anyone. All processing performed on behalf of each user is presumed to have been performed by the same user who is responsible for such processing, as defined in the GDPR. Tern is not responsible for any damage resulting from illegal use of the Password.


The Privacy Policy is accessible from all pages of the service and its acceptance is a prerequisite for registration and use of the services. Tern assumes that all users have read and agree to the Privacy Policy.


The easysms.gr service uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • identify user
  • provide access to service and functionalities
  • statistical purposes
  • marketing

More information about Cookies and how we handle them can be found in the Cookies Policy


These Terms of Use are governed by Greek Law and for any dispute that may arise, the courts of Heraklion, Crete are competent.


Users can contact Tern at 2810 334222 or by email at info@tern.gr