Is opt-in SMS necessary?

Is opt-in SMS necessary?

You decided to send an SMS campaign to target your audience effectively and with accuracy. It is important to form your approaching strategy so that your campaign is in comnpliance with the General Regulation of Data Protection, the well known GDPR, which is in effect within the European Union. Since GDPR came along, the sender must have a valid consent from the recipients for such messages. If you do not have the consent you ought to get it with an opt-in message.

Is Opt-in necessary?

For all promotional sms the consent of the recipents is required. Whether those messages are send as news or offers. If a consent has been given before the GDPR legistlation there is no need to ask again for opt-in. However all sms must include an easy way for the recipients who wish to unsubscribe from future sms (opt-out link).

The opt-in link is needed when there is no prior consent from the recipients. If you do not have the consent, you can ask it with a message containing an opt-in link.

How can i ask for consent with an opt-in sms?

The steps you have to follow in order to ask for consent are: You write a short message presenting your activity-business and ask for consent for future messages. You add the opt-in link and send it to your recipients. When they click on the link their consent is recorded and your contact list is being updated automatically.

Opt-in page customisation

Following the opt-in link the recipients will be landed in a "Thank you for subscribing" page. This page can be customised with the following properties:

  • Business title
  • Contact details (phone number, address, website)
  • Business logo
  • Description of business and use of messages
  • Up to 3 demo messages you usually send
  • Option to redirect subscribers to a page of you choice

Efficiency and results

The efficiency of an SMS campaign is dramatically increased when the recipients have been given their consent with an opt-in message. It is proven that people like the feeling of belonging to a group with special privileges and they are more acceptive to messages they have chosen to receive. offers an easy way to ask for consent (opt-in) from a group of contacts, as well as an opt-out for those who wish to unsubscribe. This not only insures full compliance with the GDPR legistlation but it is also a good tactic for an efficient SMS campaign.