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Add-on for Google Sheets

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Cloud-computing is becoming increasingly popular as more bussineses use it for their internal operations. Google Workplace is the leading document editing platform and almost all CRM export spreadsheets. The new Easysms Add-on for Google Sheets implements many functionalities and automations to cover the most demanding needs of nowaday bussineses.

It creates a new sheet named "SMS & Viber History" in which appends all messages sent to keep track or your campaigns.

Custom Functions

For SMS:

  • =EASYSMS() Send SMS from any sheet with mapped columns
  • =EASYSMSTO(to, message, from, schedule, unicode, flash) Full functionality in one function

For Viber:

  • =EASYVIBER() Send Viber messages from any sheet with mapped columns
  • =EASYVIBERTO(to, message, caption, action, image, validity, all_devices) Full functionality in a function

Viber messages with fallback SMS:

  • =EASYVIBERSMS() Send Viber messaages with fallback SMS from any sheet with mapped columns
  • =EASYVIBERSMSTO(to, message, caption, action, image, validity, all_devices, sms_from, sms_flash, sms_unicode) Full functionality in a function

Phone Validation:

  • =EASYVALIDATEPHONE() Validate a cell for phone number in any sheet with mapped columns
  • =VALIDATEPHONE(phone) Validate any phone number

Activate-Deactivate Custom Functions

Custom Functions are re-evaluated when a spreadsheet opens of when a cell they refer to is updated.
To avoid re-sending of messages already sent use Deactivate Custom Functions from the Add-on menu.

Menu Options

Menu Actions

Send SMS

Send SMS from any sheet and get detailed delivery reports.

Advanced Messaging

Send SMS & Viber messages with many organizing capabilities and full message customization.


Add-on Settings include:

  • API key Mandatory. API key is used to send all message.
  • Country Code Country prefix. Used if your phone numbers are in national format.
  • SMS Sender-id Default Sender-id. Can be up to 11 latin characters without spaces.
  • Place in menu Add-on placement. When activated, the add-on will be located in the main menu of Google Sheets. Otherwise it can be found under the menu Add-ons
  • Personalization syntax The form of personalized fields.

Map columns

Map the columns of the active sheet to SMS and Viber parameters. Columnm mapping is mandatory for the use of custom functions EASYSMS(), EASYVIBER(), EASYVALIDATE().

Enable/Disable messaging

Toggle switch to prevent re-evaluation of custom functions. When deactivated (disabled) all custom functions that send messages will not execute and will display the message "Messaging is disabled. Activate from menu". Sending messages from the menu options is not disabled with this setting.

Usage info

Shows a page with general info about the add-on.


Shows a page with the most frequent questions.

Function reference

Shows sidebar with detailed information about all Custom Functions.

Demo sheet

Created a new demo sheet named SMS & Viber Demo that demonstrates the use of Custom Functions.

Need a new feature?

If you need a new feature that is not available please let us know so that we can include it in the next version.

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